Weight Lifting Benefits 🏋🏻‍♀️✅

Since I’ve had a couple of people ask me.. Here are a few reasons as to why I get all of my clients on weight lifting, and why I do it myself 🤓🏋🏻‍♀️

✅ Weight Lifting Benefits ✅

🔥Fat loss – Adding muscle, metabolically active tissue, to your body will increase your resting metabolism rate. That means, even when you’re sitting or sleeping, you’ll burn additional cals. For each pound of muscle added, you’ll burn up to an additional 50 cals each day. That may not sound like much, however – add 5-10 pounds of muscle over time and you’re looking at up to a few hundred cals burned a day without adding any extra activity!
Also ➡️ Performing heavy weight lifting, your muscles will need to repair, which takes up energy.. Meaning you’re burning after your workout too !! This can last upto 48 hours for Women.
🔥Better at your Sport — Whether you’re into basketball or baseball, weight training in the gym will translate into better performance !! For example — a soccer player doing heavy squats in the gym: Obviously, a soccer player doesn’t sit in the middle of the field and squat, but if you’re able to do a high-rep squat with 200 pounds on your back, and you’re in a high-intensity situation where you’re pushing your limits, then those muscles will be able to push at a high intensity on the field.q
🔥Attitude boost – Lifting something that you once thought was impossible, can bevery liberating and empowering.  It will have you saying “Bring it!” to whatever challenge comes your way.
🔥Bone density – As we age we lose bone mass.  Performing heavy weight bearing exercises helps to prevent bone loss and conditions like osteoporosis. Starting a heavy lifting program before bone loss sets in around age 40, gives you a head start.
🔥Injury prevention – Stronger muscles and tendons promote protection and stability in the joints, which can help you avoid injury not only when exercising, but during every day activities as well.
🔥Strength – You’ll get stronger, plain and simple!! Every day things like carrying the kids, hoisting groceries will become a breeze.

Danielamindbodyhealth x

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